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Who we are

We are a Silicon Valley recruitment firm that powers companies used daily by millions of users. We work out of offices on 3 continents, with the majority of us working remotely from home or coworking spaces.
We’re looking for talented developers, data scientists, machine learning specialists, project managers, technical writers, account managers and sales reps. View current openings →

Our work process

We offer you a remote job with zero commuting to work; your schedule is flexible, you control your work schedule for the most part; what matters is that you get things done and are easily reachable and readily available to the rest of the team during normal work hours when your customers can be reached
Our work culture is highly focused on minimizing distractions and interruptions, and you will have long periods of uninterrupted time to work. Only 2.5 – 3.5% of your entire hours will be spent in meetings, compared to the typical 25 – 30% at many other companies.
You will never be bored and the work environment is extremely fast-paced and relatively drama-free compared to the typical corporate political arena one wrangles with in their first job out of school

Core traits we are looking for in a team member

Desire to run experiment
Ability to communicate effectively

Our recruitment process

  • CV review.
    We review your CV to verify that there's a strong fit
  • Intro call and experience interview (30m)
    We drop you a quick call to introduce ourselves and answer any questions you might have
  • Behavioral interview (30m)
    You'll chat with company leadership and get a chance to interview them to verify that there's a strong mutual fit
  • Final rounds (30m)
    You'll discuss future job offer with HR
  • Offer
    We make an offer to 1-2% of candidate applicants depending on the role; expect highly motivated coworkers

Internal training

Your training starts on day one of the job and never really ends. You are expected to absorb an insane amount of information and to never stop improving.
You will be heavily mentored by your coworkers and your direct report. You are expected to give them feedback such that they can improve as well.
You are expected to be very involved in the creation of additional training material
Outside of work, we expect you to read heavily on topics that can advance your skill set in areas related to your day-to-day work.
You will be hard-pressed to find a faster shortcut to the apex of your early-stage career, provided that you are willing to pay the price of admission in terms of deliberate practice and sustained, consistent effort and focus.