Powering the future, today.

Who we are

We are a fully remote company, founded in 2009, that builds software to solve universal human problems. Our projects use technology to foster cultural advancements, reducing aggregate suffering for as much of the human race as possible.
We look for curious, hard-working people and turn them into great leaders, entrepreneurs, investors.
We don't have offices and we support a 'work anywhere' culture. View current openings →

Our work process

The time you usually lose on commuting, we are giving it back to you with a fully remote job. You are the only one controlling your working hours. Our team uses the latest technologies and tools.
We believe that our employees deserve to work with a minimum of distractions and interruptions so our culture is highly focused on that.  A maximum of 3.5% of your entire time will be spent in meetings, compared to the typical 25-30% at many other companies.
Our team members are extremely independent — you will be the one to assign priority and deadlines to your tasks.

Core traits we would like our team members to have

Desire to run experiment
Ability to communicate effectively

Our recruitment process

  • Application review
    We carefully assess your resume to make sure that you are a strong fit
  • Introductory call
    You chat with our talent acquisition consultants in order to get to know us better and to provide answers to your possible questions
  • Work sample
    You are sent a short assessment constructed to evaluate your work skills and your ability to follow written instructions
  • The final interview
    You have an interview with one of our team leads that will give you a better understanding of our workflow
  • Offer
    On average, only 1-2% of our applicants receive an offer; we expect highly motivated coworkers

Internal mentorship

Our internal mentorship is available to all of our team members. There, you willfind the opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge on our work processes, in order to be successful in your position.
During the mentorship you will:
1. Learn theoretical concepts that support our operations
2. Resolve tasks from our ongoing projects
3. Create your own projects
From our past experience, new hires were assigned to one of our working teams in as little as 2 weeks, depending on how fast they were able to master the 3 above mentioned components.
All team members start earning money since day one of their trial period.